Cramming Culture into my Kid

On Saturday morning, Little Joe and I went to the DIA. I was able to score free passes through the Museum Adventure Pass Program. (There are usually no DIA passes, so when I saw them on Tuesday at the Library, I grabbed them).

If you haven't been to the DIA in a while....Go. Seriously. Go there. They have great interpretive things for kids (and adults). It is isn't a stuffy, silent, be quiet museum. We had a GREAT time!

They have taken the main hall, and installed sparkley mirrors across the entire ceiling, hanging down. This. Was. Cool.

On the thrid floor - we enjoyed a French dinner from the 18th-century. The official description:
“Visitors to the museum’s decorative arts gallery sit at a table onto which is projected an aristocratic dinner service. Visitors feel like they are participating in the dinner as three courses of historically accurate food are served using porcelain and silver on display within the gallery itself. The installation includes a sound recording of native French speakers that adds an air of authenticity to the experience.”

No clue. Seriously. No clue. But, Joseph LOVED it!

Me and Joseph in the Great Hall, with a backdrop of sparkle!

Joseph, dwarfed by the Great Hall.

And...video of the newly cultural-ized kid. :)

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