The long-awaited list

Here it is, as promised. 101 things I want to do in my life. WHERE'S YOUR LIST!?!?!

1. Go skydiving
2. Finish making the quilt I started 6 years ago
3. Run a 10K – without taking ANY walk breaks
4. Do a short triathlon
5. Get my RLA
6. Read the Fountainhead – not just skim it.
7. Go to Italy for a wine tour
8. Be a barista
9. Own a coffee shop
10. Be debt-free
11. Own a hot tub in a landscaped backyard
12. Buy a vintage convertible
13. Visit Norway
14. Sew a Halloween costume for myself (a really cool fancy baroque dress)
15. Play French Horn with a group
16. Make my own wine, in the basement.
17. Sing in a choir
18. Be an adjunct Professor for a College/University
19. Own a home on Lake Superior
20. Take a photography class
21. Drive the whole Hwy 1 from South to North
22. Write a book
23. Breed German Shepherd Dogs
24. Raise a Seeing Eye Dog
25. Be clutter-free
26. Play the piano once a day for 15 minutes
27. Share a steak dinner with my son.
28. Not have a car payment for a year straight.
29. Watch my son play high school sports
30. Drywall a room, without the help of a contractor
31. Host a big party at our house for all of our friends.
32. Go whale-watching
33. Go scuba-diving
34. Go to Indonesia again
35. Go to a yoga retreat for a week
36. Get season tickets for UM football
37. Be a regular tailgater at UM football.
38. Take a class in stained-glass
39. Go camping for a week on Isle Royale
40. Go for a girls weekend every other year with my cousins from TRF
41. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
42. Visit a farmer’s market every Saturday
43. Eat at least 80% of our food from a local organic source (farm, garden, etc.)
44. Have season tickets to the DSO
45. Go ziplining over the rainforest
46. Go for a hot Air balloon ride in northern Michigan for a fall color tour
47. Learn how to cook really good fall off the bone ribs in the smoker
48. Go whitewater rafting as a family
49. Work on a ranch for a week – a working vacation
50. Grow peaches and apples in our yard.
51. Have a meaningful collection of Pewabic tiles
52. Teach my son to snow ski
53. Have our neighbors over for dinner
54. Volunteer at a shelter once a month
55. Go on a cemetery tour of New Orleans
56. Go kayaking in Northern Michigan
57. Make digital photobooks of all of our vacations
58. See a choral and full orchestral performance in the National Cathedral in Washington DC
59. Have an art studio
60. Have chickens – from which we can get fresh eggs!
61. Have a bathroom with a chandelier in it.
62. Rent a beach house in the Outer Banks and spend a week of vacation there with lots of family
63. Go hang gliding in California
64. Get my teeth straightened (again) with braces.
65. Take a cooking class
66. Have a pet frog
67. Have a yoga studio
68. Take a class in ceramics
69. Make a set of dishes
70. Knit a sweater
71. Visit a psychic
72. Have a house with a porch and two big rocking chairs side-by-side
73. Make a ring with both of my mother’s wedding stones
74. Live on a lake
75. Be a member of the Boosters when my son is in HS
76. Have a cutting garden so I can have fresh flowers in the house all summer.
77. Forgive all those whom I feel have ever wronged me in some way
78. Keep a sketch journal
79. Play on a golf league
80. Have an organized walk-in closet
81. Have a wall of family photos in all different silver frames
82. Get a facial once every 6 months
83. Organize my basement
84. Park my car in the garage
85. Have a Greenhouse/Hothouse in the backyard
86. Make lefse every year.
87. Sew a quilt made of Joseph’s baby clothes/blankets
88. Go on a walking tour of New England
89. Go to Washington DC during Cherry Blossom time
90. Be a Polar Bear once (jump into a frozen lake or river)
91. Drive a race car in a driving school (and GO FAST!)
92. Have a fridge that FITS in the kitchen.
93. Have a cleaning person come once a month.
94. Have a place for everything, and everything in it’s place
95. Learn to the play the guitar
96. Sing at an open mic night at a coffeehouse or somewhere.
97. Make spaghetti sauce every year from our garden, and give the jars away as gifts
98. Have a pond in the backyard, with a gazebo hanging/floating on the edge
99. Take a 21-day (or more) cruise to Alaska
100. Get into a habit of a 5-minute meditation before bed every night
101. Learn to appreciate Good Scotch.


Shayne said...

I am on board with most of the stuff on your list and have done some some of them. it is a great list.

Shayne said...

oh and where in the Detroit area do you live. you can email that to me at sk_griffin@hotmail.com

Nina said...

Love your list. I have done some of these. And want to do others! BTW I added your blog to my Google Reader. I love it!

YpsiBob said...

1. Create list of 101 things I want to do in my life.

[2 - 101]. TBD.