Star of the Week

This week, Joe is the Star of the Week in his class. We had to put a poster together all about him. However, due to some discipline issues, he was sent to bed early on Sunday morning. Therefore, I woke him up at 6AM on Monday morning, and we sat in the kitchen together, drawing the pictures for his poster. I did the frames, and titles, but he did all of the drawings. I then asked him question, and I wrote the lists you see at the bottom of the poster.

The words read:
Birthday: April 24
Zodiac: Taurus
Full name: Joseph John Lawson IV
Special Talent: I can Make Coffee & I play the French horn
Fav. TV Shows: Thomas the Tank Engine, Ghost hunters, Monster Quest, Curious George, Dirty Jobs w/ mike Rowe, Clifford, Modern Marvels

And here is breakfast, all over his face. Powdered Donuts, oh yeah.

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