Garden Dreaming

It is the middle of January, yet I am dreaming of my garden. I am taking an inventory of seeds that I saved from last year, figuring out my calendar of planting times. The temperature outside is a balmy NEGATIVE 14 degrees right now (WITHOUT WINDCHILL!!), yet I am thinking of plucking fresh juicy tomatoes off the vine and eating them still warm from the sunshine.

I have thoughts of onion sets, and seed potatoes (yukon golds) and butternut squash blossoms and heirloom tomatoes, and homemade tomato juice and fresh peas and zucchini and arugula (in a pot on the deck) and fresh herbs to mix with salads. I'm even thinking of trying to grow cauliflower this year. I cannot wait. I need to order my little grow pots (cowpots at www.greenhousemegastore.com). I need to buy my seeds. sigh. I love the excitement of this time...all of the anticipation. Good stuff.

The other thing on my mind about the summertime garden is the canning and preservation aspect. I have been gathering canning supplies, as I anticipate making tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce and pickles and jams and jellies and all sorts of stuff...but I cannot find a pot. I need a canning pot, and I refuse to pay full price for one at the hardware store. I figure that SOMEONE has got to have one in their basement that they aren't using...and would love to sell it to me for a cheaper price...or we could barter, ot trade, or whatever. I've been constantly checking craigslist, but no luck. Any ideas?

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