We should call Ghost Hunters...

Last night, Big Joe and I were the meanest parents ever....well, maybe not the meanest, but we sure played a good trick on the little dude.

Dad and I were in the basement, and we turned the Lionel Train on and started tooting the whistle. Within seconds, Joseph came running down the stairs to see why his train was on. In the meantime, Big Joe and I hid in the spare room. So...Little Joe starts calling out "Hello? Is anyone down here?" He starts looking to see who was playing with his train. at one point he actually said out loud "That's Weird." to himself. Hee! So, he turns the train off - and heads back upstairs. Well, we turned the train back on and tooted the whistle again...and he comes running back down the stairs...again. Hee!! After a few minutes, Dad jumped out from behind the door and surprised Joseph, and we all had a good laugh.

I think the idea that we might have a ghost in the house intrigued Little Joe the most. Afterwards, he said "I was gonna call Ghost hunters! I thought we had a train ghost!"

I love this kid.

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