How can Faygo save Michigan as well as your soul???

Sigh. I think I am overwhelmed. I am sitting here at my desk, not knowing which direction to go in today. My to-do list at the office is out of control, and I need to figure out what is a priority, and what isn’t. It seems like everything is a priority though. Darnit.

I’ve had some major things on my mind lately…


On Being Socially Responsible:

The economy of the nation sucks, but as I was watching the news this AM, I was informed that Michigan now has the highest unemployment rate. So many people are unemployed, that the State of Michigan has started hiring those unemployed people to answer the phones at the unemployment office, because so many people are calling the unemployment office. Wow.

And how do I continue my life blissfully unaware? I can’t. So, my dismal mood is permanently dismal for the day. So, I start thinking…what can I do? I try to be a helpful, thoughtful and kind person…but I have my own life too. Then…I read an article in the paper about “Buying Local”. Not just “local”, but buying “Michigan”. The idea behind it is to get people to 'think Michigan first' in regards to all things (travel, grocery shopping, starting businesses, buying cars, furniture or other products, etc). http://www.buymichigannow.com/downloads/BMN%20Grocery%20Guide%20-%20120408.pdf. Take a look for yourself. I know my family already uses some of the brands listed in the grocery guide but now that I see others listed, we will be trying some new ones as well.

"According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, if every Michigan family bought at least $10 of Michigan products in one week, it could pump an additional $36 million into the state's economy." Holy Cow.

So – go buy a Faygo. I recommend the Rock-N-Rye.


On improving Your Vocabulary:

Wayne State University wants to revive words that have dropped out of the English Language to improve communication using clear and concise words. Wayne State launched a Web site called "Word Warriors" in an effort to "bring good words back from oblivion." Have you ever used mercurial, sycophant or charlatan in your everyday conversation? www.wordwarriors.wayne.edu – check it out.

"By making use of the repertoire available to us, we expand our ability to communicate clearly and help make our world a more interesting place. It's one way of broadening our horizons." Jerry Herron, dean of WSU's Irvin D. Reid Honors College

So – stop being such a charlatan and go buy a Faygo.


On Taking Care of ME:

I learned a term the other day: Memento Vivere. It literally means “reminder of life". You have to live. You cannot just forget that you have a life too. I think I want that painted above our front door. Or maybe above our bed, so I see it every night before we go to bed. It has an amazing capacity…two words, so simple, so huge.

As crazy as this world gets, and as many things are going on in your mind…whether it is your family, your job, your checkbook, your to-do list, your house, the person that cut you off this morning, the traffic light, the bad coffee that you had at the office, whatever…you simply cannot live your life obsessing about the trivial and trite things. You have to live. (Yes, I realize that this is easy for me to type, but probably not so easy for me to actually live…but I can try, right?)

I’m going to the store buy a Faygo and give it to a stranger.


Sorry, no pictures for this posting…I’ll be sure to have some new family pics up soon. I’m sure there will be a train involved. Joseph has not stopped talking about trains since xmas. We spend a large amount of time online at the Lionel.com store.


Anonymous said...

For those of us that live out of state we can order Faygo online and have the sweet liquidy goodness shipped right to our door and help out the state at the same time!

-D. said...

Thanks for the Buy Michigan post, very interesting. I happen to be on vacation in FL and saw Faygo in the window of a Dollar Store. Even though I'm not really a pop drinker, I thought it would make a good Vodka mixer ;) A 3 Liter for a $1! At that rate we all would have to drink some serious pop to save the economy!!

OlsztynBudry Family said...

hi Jen - thanks for the website! Good to know Michigan producers! I am an avid Better Made fan and I am sure my husband will do his part to support the Michigan Brewers!