Reunion Planning

Oh Dear God. I am part of the committee that is working on our 15-year reunion. What did I get myself in to? I consider myself a nice person, very friendly, very mature. I have moved past all of the stupidity of HS. But, when I started looking at the names of fellow graduates, and getting ahold of people - there are these feelings of frustration and anger and sadness and well...you get it. You were in HS. you know how it was.

I am looking forward to seeing people, but at the same time, I think that I have moved into a different part of my life - and you can't just start over from scratch with a friendship - but you can't pretend like it never existed.

Sorry - this is a vague blog. There are feelings going on, and I don't get them. Deal.

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YpsiBob said...

I can take or leave HS reunions. I was in a graduating class of 625 in my high school. Of this population I had maybe a dozen 'close' friends (as close as I allowed people to get then) and have lost track of all of them since graduation. This spring would be our 35th anniversary were we to hold one.

Big fat hairy deal.

I have not attended a reunion since and other than bumping into some of my ex-classmates on the street, I don't interact with them. And I don't miss the opportunity to see them.

[Although .... I do have this fantasy of bumping into the handful of my female classmates who spurned my adolescent interest back when I was dumpy and boring (prototypical computer geek), if only to tell them "See, I'm still dumpy and uninteresting! But I have a good job, a modest financial portfolio, can cook and clean, and am still disease-free!!! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ...." before driving off and leaving them in the dust.

Not that I'm bitter ....]