Sick. (and tired)

I’m battling something. My tummy isn’t good. I feel nauseous all the time. And before you say “Are you pregnant”? I’M NOT!!!!! NOT POSSIBLE!! And now that we have established that, I will continue to tell you – I have no appetite (which is REALLY strange for me!) and because I feel so sick, I’m not sleeping. And because I’m not sleeping, I feel tired all the time. Hence…I’m sick and tired. Even coffee doesn’t appeal to me, which sucks, because if it did, it might help with the tired-ness. I hate feeling like this. And I hate finishing an entire bottle of pepto-bismol in a 12-hour period. Although, I must say - pepto tastes much better cold. Yes, I know that drinking an entire bottle of pepto isn’t good for your digestive system – but it AIN’T WORKING!!!

Ok – enough of my ailments – what else can I complain about? Hmmm…the economy sucks – who didn’t know that?

I’m also sad right now. My hubby is leaving for almost 6 days on Thursday. He and his Dad are going to St. Maarten for Super Bowl Weekend. This brings me mixed emotions. I miss him like crazy, and I absolutely hate sleeping by myself. I hate BEING by myself. This is pretty weird, considering I’m an only child. I end up sleeping on his side of the bed, and I usually let little Joe sleep in the bed with me – so I’m not alone. I’m so pathetic! BUT, I also like this time, because Little Joe and I get to hang out and do different things – we go places, try new adventures. We have fun. AND…BONUS...I get to eat food that I want to eat! Like Chinese food! And Thai food! Mmm!! I can’t decide on what to do this weekend. We have some family engagements to do on Sunday…but Saturday is free. I was thinking of taking Joe skiing – but that’s a big maybe. Any suggestions?

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-D. said...

Sorry you're not feeling good, and sorry to hear you're on your own for a few days--boy, do I know how that goes. I always sleep in Brian's spot when he's gone--LOL. But as for things to do, maybe ice skate? Or the hands-on museum in AA, or Pump It Up in Canton? Enjoy your time with lil Joe!