25 reasons why Joseph is a rockstar.

1. He can identify movie soundtracks within the first few notes. Mostly John Williams.
2. He wants to ride his bike in the snow.
3. He LOVES to cuddle.
4. He is learning how to read at the speed of lightning, but denies it.
5. He wants to save toads from our yard.
6. He "helps" me wash the floors in the house.
7. He is a camera-ham!
8. He wants to be independent, but still asks for help when he knows he needs it.
9. He asks the most intricate detailed question about something that I never even considered.
10. He explains things in a matter-of-fact way that makes sense to him, but not always to me.
11. He likes giving Dax her treat before we leave.
12. He loves going to the coffee store with me.
13. He's a stubborn little boy.
14. He asks me to sing to him.
15. He wants pet rats.
16. He asks lots of questions about Yellow Grandma.
17. He asks lots of questions about Grandma BJ
18. He is compassionate and kind to strangers. (He even gives hugs to complete strangers, because he thinks they need one).
19. He loves to tour CSO facilities.
20. He loves to go to the Henry Ford Museum.
21. He isn't shy, and will talk to a complete stranger.
22. He knows that there is a Rouge River, and he likes to visit it.
23. He likes to watch the bats in our backyard during the summer.
24. He likes to talk about the colors in a sunrise.
25. He wants to play the violin.

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hcamel24 said...

What a cool little guy! What fun you two must have!!