Being a Boy...And getting Mom sick in the process.

So, Little Joe received a wonderful gift in the mail the other day...and he immediately HAD to try it on and "model" it. I can't believe how old he looks in these pictures. My little boy is growing up so quickly!!

He especially liked the emblem on his chest - and wanted me to take a closeup picture of it.

This past weekend has really warmed up here in MI. The snow is melting, and making these GREAT puddles of water to jump in and play in. Therefore...Joseph went outside and played in the water and mud on Saturday. Which...in turn...he ended up getting sick. Now, I know it is flu season/cold season/whatever season...but he has a fever.

Big Joe called it a "Vampire Fever"...as in he spikes his fever at nighttime, but then the fever falls during the day. It was 102 last night, but it is down to about 100 right now. Conversely, he gave me his fever, and I'm hovering right about 101. Which, for those of you who may not know this...I am usually a cold person, and my normal temp is about 97...(Hah - insert "cold heart" jokes here). So...I feel really cruddy right now.

We kept Joseph home from school today, but that was pointless. He is going stir crazy (as he feels perfectly fine, but has a temp). Whereas, I don't feel so hot, and have to try to keep him entertained. So far, we have watched Titanic, and we now have started Polar Express. At least it isn't cartoons!!

Enough griping...I'm going to have a cup of hot tea and try to convince him to nap. (yeah - right!!)


-D. said...

Hope you're feeling better! By the way, Joseph looks very handsome in those pics. He's growing up!

hcamel24 said...

Cool outfit on Joe :) I hope you feel better soon! It's so nice out and I feel like crud too....