Peanut Butter and the Future DPW Employee

First and foremost - I needed to share a picture of Joseph's favorite food. Peanut butter. right out of the jar, with an extra-large spoon. I don't doubt that he inherited this trait from me. This was my favorite treat while pregnant with him. This constituted a full "snack" when I was growing up.

We had some pretty crazy rains last week...and when we got home, Joseph felt the need to "inspect" the ditches in front of our house and the neighbor's house. He was quite concerned about the "dam" in our neighbor's ditch. So much so, that he had to remove it, so the water would flow. What a nerd.

Pointing out our ditch, and the fact that the water is flowing nicely. Thanks to the Wayne County Road Commission...or maybe the Redford Twp. DPW, or well, maybe nobody. I can't get a straight answer from either entity as to who maintains them. I know that nobody plows the roads...but I guess we've gotten used to driving on the snow. It doesn't bother us.

What a cute kid...

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YpsiBob said...

What you describe is normal for any boy, and some grown men. [[Insert Tim Allen-esque grunts here...]].

One of the benefits of growing up in a house with a dirt driveway was that ruts would form in the driveway; when it rained these would accumulate water and form some very nice puddles. While my bike was still equipped with training wheels I found the glories of parking the bike in the puddle such that the rear wheel was held off the ground by the training wheels; when you pedal fast enough you can spray the water out of the puddle.

Of course, the water wicks to the tire and you get sprayed too. That's part of the fun.

Betcha Big Joe will admit to having done this himself in his past. If not, I would be happy to demonstrate to Little Joe sometime if you'd like ....