A Contented Sigh...

I feel very content today. Safe and Secure. It is a good feeling to have, and one I haven't had in a while. a sense of peace and calm. Yes, the world is flying by me at a ridiculously fast pace, but I am content. I've only had one cup of coffee though. My to-do list is full, and I am working through it one by one. I am making progress. Maybe that's it. Progress. When you can actually see progress and a light at the end of the tunnel, then it is a good thing. I'm not in any rush, and I can actually formulate a complete and coherent sentence.

I was SUPPOSED to get up early and go to the gym this morning. My bag was packed and waiting by the front door. My gym clothes were all laid out. the alarm went off at 4:30, and I turned it off...and fell back asleep. My body is TIRED. My brain is TIRED. so, I guess I'll have to make up for it, and go to the gym tomorrow morning. heck, the bag is still packed, waiting by the door. I really do need to get on the ball and get my rear end to the gym more. I feel great after I get a good run in, or a good spinning class in. the endorphins make for a great way to start the day! And besides...exercise is good for you.

Why can't planning a birthday party for a 6 year old be easy? and cheap? I would love to have something casual at our house...but there just isn't enough room for kids, and their parents...we don't really know these people, so having a party on neutral ground makes more sense. That being said...I really just want to rent a bounce house, throw it in the backyard, and throw the kids out there. Put some hot dogs on the grill, and water balloons for later. But, that won't work. And, the pessimist side of me thinks it will rain anyways!! So, we've been looking into other places. Jungle Java, Henry Ford, Lifetime, all of these places are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions? cheap? local? There may be more than 10 kids, and their parents as well. I've also thought of maybe waiting until it was warmer outside, and then the weather would be nicer, and we could go to a park or something??? He LOVES Nankin Mills...that might be cool....

I've also been looking into violin lessons for Joseph. Holy Cow is that expensive. I found a great place, but it would be close to $200 a month for him to have a weekly lesson, and rental of the violin. Yes, it was a rent-to-own program...but Holy Cow!!! So, instead, I am going to have him learn piano first...and along with piano would be musicality. i.e. reading music, music theory, history, composers, etc. And besides...WE HAVE A PIANO IN OUR HOUSE!! It does need to be tuned...and I'm sure my mom would be proud. After all, she was my piano teacher...and I'm sure it would make her pretty darn happy to see her grandson playing on the piano that I learned on too. He already knows a few things, I've been teaching him FACE and EGBDF and middle C. I'm not a piano teacher though. He needs an instructor, he won't listen to me...I know that all too well. When my Dad married my mom, the "teacher/instructor" relationship went out the window. So...I have feelers out for an affordable piano instructor that is willing to some to our home. Know anyone?

I'm looking forward to this weekend. We have a party to go to for my niece...I love family gatherings. even small intimate family parties. It makes me appreciate the people around me so much more. I love having family nearby. I wish all of my family was nearby...but that's ain't gonna happen. So, I enjoy the family that is here. That being said though - I just bought tickets for us to go visit the Minnesota Girls! Yeah!! Joesph was so excited when I told him that he hugged me so hard it hurt! He started jumping up and down and yelling about how happy he was. Too cute. We aren't going until July, and I was able to use NWA miles for most of the tickets. I'm VERY excited!!!!


-D. said...

I found a MI piano teacher website to check out:

Damon said...

Children's birthdays are a bit of a challenge. I refuse to host another one after my oldest's 2nd birthday. My wife invited nearly 100 adults and children to our house, requiring food and entertainment for all. She also handmade the invitations and it was nothing but drama leading up to it. Sadly, we can't just skip out on the party for fear of resentment when our kids are adults, but the best thing I can suggest is minimize when it comes to people. Set a limit on the number of kids that can/will be invited and that helps keep control on the situation. No matter how many you invite, a percentage won't show up, but planning for 10 and only getting 7 is much better than planning for 100 and getting 60. Also keep some Xanax handy; Some for you. Some for the guests. Some for the kids.

I feel your pain on kids activities/lessons. Elizabeth is currently in hockey lessons and is required to have all of the padding, gear, skates, etc. The gear was nearly $500 and classes were $125.

Good luck. If I can help, even just to be an ear to rant to, let me know.