Cute Joseph Pictures...

The boys went to The Henry Ford last weekend - these pics are from Joe's IPhone. How stinkng cute is this kid!??!!?

This is in front of the Allegheny Steam Engine....From the www.thehenryford.com website:

Allegheny Locomotive: Built in 1941 and weighing in at 600 tons, this was one of the largest steam-powered locomotives ever built. Designed for pulling huge coal trains over the Allegheny mountains of West Virginia, this locomotive could reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. This powerful behemoth is the centerpiece of our trains collection and a visitor landmark in Henry Ford Museum. The cab of the Allegheny locomotive is now open for public viewing.

AND...the piece de resistance: They now have a new display that allows the kids to assemble a Model T, just like they used to almost 100 years ago! Joseph got to sit in the assembled vehicle:

Joseph is getting all the details from the docent...he asks the CRAZIEST questions!
Ok - enough of an ad for the Henry Ford. but seriously - if you are in the area, and want to go - just ask. We would LOVE to take you with us! We love it!!

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