A Taste of Religion in our Lives...

Things heard in a Catholic Church this morning:

1. "Why do they have a hot tub in the back of the church?" (the baptismal font)
2. "Can I have some money? To throw in the fountain?" (Again...the baptismal font)
3. "Does everybody have to drink the wine? I don't like wine, and I'm too young"
4. Why is everyone singing?
5. "This doesn't LOOK like a church" (It isn't a cathedral, which, apparently, Joseph thinks is the only way to go...maybe he's a budding architect!!)

Obviously...we don't attend church often, especially a Catholic Mass. My niece and Joseph had many questions. Too funny. We were there for the baptism of Joe's cousin's son. It was a wonderful afternoon with family.

In other news...we got a warmup of weather here. All the way up to 37 degrees. Whoo-hoo! This means that the snow is starting to melt, especially on the roads and roofs...lots of water puddles all over the place. However, the news has informed us that we will be getting a freeze in the next 2 days which will turn all of that water into ice. I love Michigan. (I truly do, but I get in a rut during the winter, as there is no sun, and it's downright cold).

Big Joe is in St. Maarten still...he called and said things are good - they got down there without any problems. He got sunburned the first day down there though...poor guy. That ain't fun!! I hope things go well for him, and I get to see him in 3 days!!! Yeah!!! Yes, I miss him!!

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