The Culprit

So, it has been really nice outside here in Michigan. And, being the awesome mom that I am...I let Joseph play outside when the weather is nice. And I don't supervise...I mean...c'mon...how far can he get? Our yard is fenced, and he knows he isn't allowed to leave the yard anyways.

So, Last Friday, Joseph was playing in the front yard while I got dinner ready. I peeked out the front door, and found this:

Oh yes. That is the landscape block that I busted my rear end putting in a few years ago. Why would a little boy think it was cool to pull those blocks up?

"Because I wanted to see what was underneath"

sigh. I can't get mad at him for being curious...however, I can get mad at him for destroying the landscape!!! I made him put them back. I'm also thinking of manual labor this summer...maybe helping me put in more block, so he can see how hard it is to do!

In other news - things are good. We are anxiously awaiting the first sign of Spring. This warm weather has been tricky, and we keep thinking that Spring is right around the corner, but I know better. It's only March!

It rained for 3 days straight this weekend...and true to form...I received many many complaint phone calls at work:
"The ditch has water in it!"
"There is standing water in my back yard!"
"The river is very high!"

I wonder if these people looked out their windows AT ALL this past weekend? sigh.

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ypsibob said...

I see a stick on the sidewalk. Did he use that to pry up the landscape bricks?!?

In the Manly Man Manual that's worth extra credit.

Double points if he uses power tools....