Recycler Joe and Sickness (it floats!)

So, last night, Little Joe and I were out in the front yard, playing. After a few minutes - he came running up to me saying "Mom, Miss Nikki is doing something bad!!" (Miss Nikki is our neighbor across the street whom I LOVE!) Anyways...apparently, they had put their trash out at the curb, and there was a computer screen and computer in with the trash. Joseph says "She should RECYCLE that computer, or else it will end up in a landfill!!"

I kid you not.

This kid rocks.

I told him that we should tell Miss Nikki when we see her...so, a few minutes later, she came out of the house to talk to us, and he ran up to her and told her about how the computer should be recycled, etc...blah blah. I did not prompt him. Not once. How cool is that?

On another note - have you ever tried Theraflu Warming Liquid Daytime cold/cough stuff? It. Rocks. I felt like a Mack Truck hit me yesterday, so I slept in a little, went into the office for about 3 hours, then came back home. I took some of the medicine before I got to the office, when I left the office, then in the afternoon at home. It "warms" up you alright! I broke out in a sweat at the office from it! Seriously! It makes the achiness go away, and the headache sort of go away - BUT...it does make you a little drowsy. Good stuff.

And on that same note - last night, I went to bed early, because I was feeling so crummy. This morning, I found Joseph on the couch, where he apparently slept last night. I asked him why he was on the couch - and he said because he couldn't sleep in my bed.

I replied "you shouldn't be sleeping in my bed anyways - you should sleep in your own bed."

To which he replied "I can't sleep in my bed, because your sickness might float through the walls into my room and get me sick."


Never a dull moment with this kid.

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