I am SO ready to get outside and plant my veggies!!! They are growing bigger and bigger in the kitchen window...I'm a little worried that some of the tomatoes might outgrow their little containers. I've been thinning the seedlings like crazy. I must have about 60 tomato seedlings. Uh-oh. Anyone want some? I can't guarantee what they are though. I got a mixed bag called "Rainbow's End", which included Brandywynes, Marvel Stripes (red and gold stripes) and Green Zebras (green and gold stripes). They all look the same right now. It's a grab bag.

And...the Tulips are coming!!!! Yeah! the squirrels didn't eat them! However, NONE of my daffodils OR my crocuses came up.

Spring is such a great time. It is a little reminder that things always bloom. No matter what. OK, that's my sentiment for the day.
Whatever. It's been a long week, and it is only Monday. 4 more days of this...sigh. Looks like Coffee and I will be close this week. Gotta love it.

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