The Lawson Ducks

This is too cute to not share...We have ducks. In our front yard. no - Seriously - LOOK!!!
This has happened in years past, and the ducks make a nest under the front yews, and they lay eggs. Aww..how cute, right? Until the stupid neighborhood cat comes over and eats the eggs. It really is a catch-22. I don't mind the ducks. I'm glad they choose us. I feel kind of special about it. But - when the hellcat comes to wreak havoc...then I feel like I should have shooed the ducks away.

BTW - those big logs of wood are the remnants of the Silver Maple that we took out of the front yard a few months ago. It has been too cold to split firewood, and until a few weeks ago, it was all covered with snow anyways.

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hcamel24 said...

Cute story!! We have ducks in our pond and I love to watch them. We get geese too and as annoying as they can be, it's neat to watch them.