Rollerblading, trying to not break any bones...

So, Santa brought a pair of rollerblades for the Little guy...and he decided to try them out on a nice Spring day. Seeing that he had on all of the necessary protective gear...we were ready to go!

Except HE WOULDN'T LET GO OF ME!!! :) And, he didn't get the "push off" part, he just kind of scooted along. Our neighbor from across the street (Miss Nikki), came over to keep me company and give Joseph some moral support for his first attempt. We do need to talk to the store where Santa bought these skates, one of the latches is broken, so it won't stay tight around his ankle. Not good.

Check out the video below. The voices you hear in the background (trying not to cry because we are laughing so hard) are me and Miss Nikki.

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