Birthday, Garden and Medical Mysteries...

33. Wow. I’m old. At least, I feel like I should feel old. Yes, it was a while ago – my birthday was on the 17th.

I always try to equate it to someone I knew when I was little who was 33.

Mom dying at 37, I only have 4 years. Hmm. That's probably not the best comparison...

Joe got me an awesome gift - a huge selection of boxes from Victoria's Secret. It’s nice to know that your husband still thinks you are sexy. It’s a good feeling. It makes you feel young too.

On Sunday, I got up and enjoyed a lazy day at home. I wasn’t feeling so hot, so we didn’t go to dinner. I made a roast chicken though, and it smelled really good! It’s hard to believe I’m 33 now. The number just keeps getting bigger…but I’m not sure I feel 33. Part of me feels like I’m not old enough to be 33….and the other part of me thinks I should start acting 33. What does a 33-year old act like though? I’m not so sure about that. eh.

As for the garden, etc: Tomatoes are in, and I had to enlarge the garden quite a bit to get them all in. HOWEVER, I just found out a resident here in Troy that I work with is bringing me some of his prized heirlooms. Uhh..I don’t know where to plant these. I am SO out of room!! But, pretty much everything else is on that needs to get in.

I finished the patio. It’s done. The plants will grow in over the next year or two. I wish I had made it a little bit bigger. There is only enough room to have 2 chairs on it. I’m thinking that a bench would be a good fit – and very casual. Now I just need to find one. Maybe I’ll check on Craigslist.

In other news: My tummy hasn’t been feeling so great for the past 2 weeks. Other things too…so I finally went to the ER last week, and they found that I was severely dehydrated, and pumped a ton of fluids into me. They also wanted me to get a GI. AND, to completely eliminate all wheat/gluten from my diet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? I. Love. Bread. I have such sympathy for those that have a gluten intolerance. I’m going crazy, and it is only day 5 of this. So, my GI is tentatively on Thursday. Joy. We'll see what the docs say!

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