Random blog about nothing...

I am in a Good Mood because:

  • The weather is beautiful right now
  • I’m getting organized
  • People are being nice today at the office, which is oddly amusing.
  • I plan on going home and going for a run.
  • A project that I’ve been waiting for approval on, got the approval today! Yeah!
  • I have really good friends.

I am in a Bad Mood because:

  • I can’t eat wheat (darn doctor’s orders)
  • I’m overwhelmed at work
  • I need to find/make time to work on my thesis research and lit review
  • I need a haircut, and haven’t found the time to schedule the darn appointment.

You ever make a list like this? It was quite satisfying, to put things in front of you and realize that things aren't as bad as they sometimes seem. Put into perspective...life is good.

More later - I have pictures and all sorts of fun stuff to blog about...I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive. Busy, but alive.

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Nina Misuraca Ignaczak said...

I love reading your blog!