Letter to Mom

Dear Mom -

I miss you. I spent alot of time on Saturday thinking about you. I went to Schwartz's early on Saturday morning with a friend, Anne. She lives kitty-corner behind us, and loves to garden as much as I do. We had a wonderful time at the greenhouses. I said a little hello to you as I walked in, and I really tried hard to keep the tears back. I know it was only once a year, but going to Schwartz's with you was always a wonderful time that we spent together.

You should have seen the plants! They've moved things around quite a bit, and expanded alot too. It took me some time find what we were looking for. For the first time ever, the lines were short! Probably because we got there early, and tried to be efficient! (something you and I never were! We wandered around the greenhouse forever!)

I ended up getting 3 flats of begonias. Since we took the tree out of the front yard, I needed something that would be OK in full sun. I know, I always said I hated begonias - but impatiens won't cut it. I also got ALOT of 4-packs of veggies...I'm trying alot this year. (cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, roma tomatoes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, banana peppers, jalapenos, eggplant) What am I thinking? You and I could always share the 4-pack...but now I have to plant all 4 plants in the garden on my own. What am I going to do with all of these plants? If they grow, that is!! :)

I found a tarragon plant too. I've always wanted to try to grow tarragon. Now that I know how easy it is to make hollandaise sauce...fresh tarragon will be wonderful!!

Here are some pics of the garden, all planted...you can't see much...but you get the idea.

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