Mother's Day Happenings

So many things happening on Mother's Day this year -
It started yesterday afternoon...I got back from the airport (I dropped Big Joe off - he's in Vegas for a guys weekend). And my neighbor came up to me and said they had a package for me, and I needed to come and get it. And I walked into their kitchen to find this:

My Dad sent me flowers!!! They are beautiful!!! I need to call him...
I went grocery shopping with Joseph this morning. After arguing about why he thinks that grocery shopping is boring...I got him to help me with the produce. I asked him to get me a lemon. He brought me a yellow squash. We have GOT to eat more fruits and veggies in this household!

Then, we made it home, and I asked him to help me put away the groceries in the pantry. I should have watched him a little closer - every single thing was thrown onto the floor of the pantry. sigh.

Then, I decided to give myself a little gift - I started installing a cobblestone paver patio by myself this afternoon. What the heck was I thinking? Seriously, I was so in over my head - and I am still wondering how in the world am I going to be able to level the pavers once I install them.

Anyways - here are some pics, showing the progress that was made today:

There is still alot of work to do on the patio - I need to get the cobblestones and install them. UGH.

Then, my neighbor gave me a package of homemade chorizo. (which I had planned to make into paella, but a little 6-year old left it on the counter, so it thawed!!!) So - I made an amazing full-fat, full-cholesterol, not-good-for-you dinner for myself. Garlic, onions and potatoes sauteed in butter, add the chorizo, add some fresh corn, then melt cojack cheese over the top! So GOOD! and add a glass of Australian shiraz...Perfect!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

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