Phone Call

I got a call from Little Joe’s teacher today. He got in trouble in school. BIG trouble.

He was with a group of boys on the playground this morning, and decided to catch a toad. This isn’t the problem. We catch toads in our yard all the time. We save toads. I LOVE toads! They eat mosquitoes!! Anyways…he caught a toad, and decided that he wanted to "help" the toad hop higher...so he threw the toad into the air.

Yes, you read that correctly. He threw the toad INTO THE AIR. He was showing the toad his unleashed hopping potential. No, seriously.

After a discussion with his teacher, who explained that he was being quite a good scientist, using the Scientific Method, to determine how high the toad could actually hop...I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Why was it MY kid who decided to throw toads into the air? What am I supposed to tell Friends of the Rouge, when their frog and toad count is down in Redford, after it has been determined that the entire toad population of Redford has run away, out of fear from that Lawson boy!!


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