Piano lessons

Joseph started piano lessons last week. He has had a total of 2 lessons...and it is just the most wonderful thing to listen to. He seems to get it - and he is catching on really quick. So far, at least!

Ironically, he is using the SAME BOOK SERIES that I learned with...Schaum Color Series Books. He started with the Green Book (same as me). I made it to the Brown Book. I think. It is level 4, which isn't very far. I didn't go very far with piano lessons. Probably because my Dad ended up marrying my piano teacher, and the lessons kind of ceased when she became my mom. Probably before she actually became my mom. I vaguely remember more of a 10-minute "lesson", which constituted her playing something for me that I couldn't play, then her leaving me at the piano, while she had a glass of wine with my Dad, and I became more and more frustrated with the stupid song. Come to think of it...I think I quit out of frustration. Oh well...I've started to play here and there now.

Anyways - here is his first piece of "music" that he learned. And he rocked it!!

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