Coffeemakers and Memories.

Last Sunday morning I had a meltdown.  A really big meltdown.  I wanted coffee, but my coffeemaker wasn’t working right.  It wasn’t that I NEEDED coffee, I just wanted it, because it felt like a nice coffee kind of Sunday morning.

For many years, I didn’t have a coffeemaker.  My Mom used to give me such a hard time about not buying a coffeemaker for myself.   I’m not good at buying things for myself.  Anyways - my mom got me a coffeemaker for Christmas one year.  It was a really cool coffeemaker.  Stainless carafe, programmable, very cool.  And I loved it.  After she passed away, I would think of her whenever I made coffee.  That was one of the things that we shared – coffee.  Sitting, in her living room, we would share the best moments – sipping coffee, (sometimes it was almost ½ coffee and ½ flavored cream – that was our guilty pleasure!).  

So, fast forward to last Sunday, when said coffeemaker wasn’t working.  And…I. Lost. It.  I started crying – and started swearing at the coffeemaker.  Big Joe came into the kitchen and tried to fix it, while trying to calm me down.  I was mad at the coffeemaker, and I was mad at my mom, and taking it out on the coffeemaker.  I was mad that if I got a new coffeemaker, I would lose that connection to my Mom.  I think I called the coffeemaker every name in the book.  I was mad about the mess it made all over the counter…sigh.  After deeming the coffeemaker broken – I decided to just get my mind onto something else.

So – I went to Meijer.  I got groceries – and as I was waiting in line to checkout….this guy comes up behind me who looks very similar to Big Joe – and puts a Coffeemaker into my cart.   Yes – my awesome husband decided to surprise me by buying me a coffeemaker.  It gets better…He didn’t know I was at Meijer, so that was a complete surprise.  Sigh.  Wow.  This guy is awesome.  And now – I have this amazing new coffeemaker – and I love it.  It makes REALLY good coffee too.  And the first cup I had – I made sure to toast my mom. 

Isn’t it amazing how something so small and simple can completely make your day amazing!?!?



hcamel24 said...

I'm so glad your story has a happy ending. Keep toasting your mom. :D She probably having a cup o'Joe (no pun intended..well, kind of intended) watching over you :)

Anonymous said...

So, this blog just made me cry...A special thing that Ellington have is our cups of coffee in the morning before anyone else is awake...Her cup 1/2 full with flavored cream. How beautiful that you two shared that. THat had to have been so sad for you when it broke. What an amazing husband you have. You are blessed. : )