River Day - and my week of headaches

If you are so inclined – the first Saturday in June (the 6th) is River Day in Troy.  Well, Rouge Rescue across the Rouge Watershed.  We are having our event at the Stage Nature Center. (on Coolidge, just south of South Blvd.).  I would LOVE it if you joined us.  This is the job that I’ve been going crazy over.  I put together the design for a rain garden and 2 streambank stabilization areas.  REI has partnered with us, as well as Starbucks.  (Yes, I’m a Caribou girl, but Starbucks is a great community supporter, and we’re happy to have them at our event!)  Anyways, I’m ordering the plants this week, and working with the DPW to get the heavy lifting earthwork done.  There are usually over 100 volunteers, and 5 hours of work, and a BBQ for everyone afterwards.  I would LOVE to have you join us!!  Tell your friends!!  Whoo-hoo!! 


And if I bite your head off for no reason – now you know the reason why.


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David in NM said...

You sound like me last week with my grant application deadline :)