gluten-free bread is horrible

No, seriously. 

I went to the grocery store yesterday and found a Bob’s Red Mill bag of gluten-free bread mix (http://www.bobsredmill.com/product.php?productid=3748&cat=126&page=1).  And there was a recipe on the side for the mix to be used in a breadmaker.  So, I figured I’m game…what the heck, right?



Wet heavy sponge.


I tried everything – toasting it, butter, homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam, peanut butter.  NOTHING could make this bread taste any better.  It is sitting in my fridge, waiting to be thrown out to the garden for the birds.  I’ll bet that they won’t eat it either.  J 

On another note – my Aunt Nancy found the most amazing pecan shortbread cookies that were gluten-free…OMG!  SO GOOD!!  I am going to hunt these down at our grocery store, they are my new favorite.

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TC said...

I found your blog through Swap-Bot.

Store-bought gf bread is pretty much across the board awful. But I have a recipe for a homemade gf bread that my non-celiac kids LOVE. (My 16yo daughter was diagnosed with CD at age 2.) It's got a texture very similar to wheat bread.

Email me at tcrulz@hotmail.com and I'll send it along to you.