I love Music.

Why does some music make me cry? No, seriously - there are some pieces of music that will reduce me to tears...and it's not like they are sappy love songs either.

1812 Overture - Tchaikovsky
9th Symp. - Beethoven
Pines of Rome - Respghi
Firebird (last movement) - Stravinsky
Angel Eyes - Jeff Healy Band
Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul and Mary
Lullabye (Good night, My angel) - Billy Joel

Ugh. I'm such a sap.

I had a friend recently give me a compilation CD of some music that she liked, and I'd never heard of. It's on my IPOD right now, and I'm listening to it. I think some of it is REALLY good - and it amazes me that while I think my musical knowledge is pretty good - I have never heard of any of these musicians. I don't profess to know everything - but it's almost like my mind is being opened up to a different world of music.

I'm glad that music is prevalent in our house too. I have different tastes in music than Big Joe does, but I like the music he likes too. I don't "dislike" any music, but I do have some favorites. I recently discovered XM65 - old school rap and hip hop. I think it is called "Backspin". So good.

And I'm glad that Little Joe likes music. All kinds of music. He loves classical. One of his favorite pieces in the 2nd movement in Verdi's Requiem. When he was 2, he would ask for the "Big Music". I would turn it up loud and he would get this goofy grin across his face and start "conducting" and moving his arms to the music. I loved that he loved doing this. Little Joe also loves R&B, he loves to play the piano, he dances to anything. We've been watching the Michael Jackson tribute stuff on TV, and he loves to dance to MJ songs. So very cute.

Enough about music - we're going on vacation this weekend - to MN, and I'm so unbelievably excited!! I get to see my family, which I miss incredibly! I only see my family once a year, maybe twice if I'm lucky. Therefore, I look forward to these little visits that we have - because it makes me appreciate the people I love even more than ever. We'll be lounging and relaxing by the Lake, boating, eating, drinking, and sharing good times. I'll be sure to post pics when we return. Happy 4th!!

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Nina Misuraca Ignaczak said...

HEY! So glad to hear your mind is being opened up to a new world of music- tell me which artists you are liking!! -N