Local Art and Peach Pie!!!!

I went to the Farmer's Market this morning in Redford. Now, it isn't Royal Oak or Ann Arbor...not even close. Nowhere near it...that being said...I'm all about supporting a local, Michigan business. So, I walked to the market downtown with a neighbor-friend. We looked at the veggies - nothing really jumped out at me. There was a farm that was selling bi-color sweet corn from Howell. They said they had just picked this morning...we'll see how it tastes!!

But, aside from the small farmer's market, there was an Art Fair in the Township parking lot. Uh...OK. I didn't hear anything about it...it wasn't very well advertised - it was small, maybe 30 booths, but we perused...and I found some great things, all done by local artists. I bought some cute prints...(I'll post about them when I hang them). AND...I found this wall tile, made by Sarah Radeback of Sarah's Stones (www.sarahsstones.com). How cool, right??

And my other great news...On Friday, I commented to Joe that I wanted a peach tree. I had one growing up, and I LOVE fresh peaches. So...he told me to get one. So...I did. But, here is the best part...I bought the tree at Meijer...not exactly somewhere you would expect to buy a tree. It was priced at $30. Ouch. Not for a small fruit tree. But...through a small series of events...I talked the guy down to $10. oh yes. 66% off!!!!! And it is a GREAT little tree! Check it out!!

So, when the tree actually starts producing fruit...we either (1) won't be living in this house; or (2) we'll be having Gluten-Free Peach Pie!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

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