Another 2 things off the checklist.

For many many years, I have had two things on my “to-do” list.  Not my “100 things to do in my lifetime” list…but my “Just get it done dummy” list.  And I can proudly say two of those things are now done. 

The first was simple – my French horn needed to be cleaned and chemical dipped.  I realize that I’m not exactly playing it very often, not as much as I used to at least.  However, seeing that the last time it was cleaned was in 1993, when I came back from Blue Lake, and needed to have the sand removed from inside the valves.  (Yeah, my mom wasn’t so happy about that).  It was probably pretty gross inside, and to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t ask the guy at Marshall’s about it.  But now, I can say that my French horn is clean.  Maybe one of these days I’ll pick it back up again and start playing.   Little Joe likes playing it (well, buzzing on the mouthpiece and making some sort of noise).

And the second thing was a whole lot more difficult.  Sigh.  When my mom passed away, she left me a lot of stuff in her will (mostly antique furniture that was either my birth mom’s or pieces from Indonesia or a few that were hers).  Anyways – all of that stuff was still at her husband’s house.  After she passed, there were a lot of things that were said, a lot of feelings hurt, and some major procrastination on my part.  But, I knew that I had to do this.  So – Joe and I borrowed his Dad’s truck and did it.  We went over there, moved a lot of heavy antique furniture and it is all now sitting in the middle of our kitchen.  I don’t know where to put any of it.  Our house is only so big.  Most of it will go in the basement – we’ll probably get rid of some of it, I don’t know. 

She also left me her piano.  Now, I already have a piano of my own…but I know some “sisters” that will be enjoying the sound of little boys learning how to play in the near future.  (This makes me happy to no end, to know that my mom’s piano will be used by those that loved her, not some stranger).  I have the phone number of a piano mover in the area – now I just need to figure out the logistics, and make sure that everyone will be available.  Sigh. 

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hcamel24 said...

Wow! What a great feeling to get things done. I desperately need to have my saxophone cleaned and my piano tuned (thanks to you I have the info about that!). Thanks for the motivation!! :) I'm glad the piano is going to find a good home ;)