Maybe this is why Little Joe is a watershed-geek.

Last week, I had a work tour of some storm water BMPs in the Ann Arbor area...and I brought Joe along with me. He learned more about storm water than any normal 6-year old should know...

Here he is on the Huron River - and a streambank stabilization project that the City did:

Porous Pavement on a roundabout/traffic circle in a residential neighborhood. ( I still don't get the difference between a traffic circles and a roundabout)

Checking out the storm drain...
At least I don't take him to the sewer treatment plant. Wait - I already did that too. :)


YpsiBob said...

The Acronym Police have pulled you over.....

"BMP" stands for:
1) Bit Map?
2) Basic Metaboloic Panel?
3) Business Marketing Plan?
4) Bacon Mayo Peanut Butter?
(so I'm not a tomato fan ...)

David in NM said...

I was going to guess Bio Mass Project.