So, I uploaded the video of Little Joe onto a website called “MIEarth”.  It’s a website kind of like YouTube, but for Environmental Issues only, and in Michigan only.  www.miearth.org  I did this yesterday morning.  I didn’t think much of it – I figured I would share it with my work friends, nothing more.

Today – Not only is it the most viewed video on miearth.org within the past 24 hours…I got an email from Detroit Public Television – THEY WANT TO USE THE VIDEO ON TV!!!!!!  It will start airing this upcoming Monday.  And, it gets better…THEY WANT MORE VIDEOS FROM LITTLE JOE!!!!!

OMG!!  How cool is this??  I am such a proud mom!  I am so excited!! 


hcamel24 said...

OMG!!!!! That is SO awesome :) Yay Joe! Too cool Jen, post more info as it comes hahaha yay!

Anonymous said...

How proud can a grandmother get.....