Gardening, Oreos and Being a Taurus.

A lot of little tidbits to chat about:

The garden has been bountiful starting about 3 weeks ago. I've been picking zucchini that are the size of baseball bats about every other day. I picked 14 of them on Sunday, and then I picked another 7 tonight. You will also see eggplant, redskins, several different kinds of tomatoes, (yes, there are some green ones there, they got too heavy and fell off). I feel like such a rockstar urban gardener! :)
Little Joe loves his Oreos...and he was demonstrating the technique of dunking his Oreo in milk...look at that cheesy grin!

And of course, Little Joe, cuddled up in his blanket - on the wood floor. He loves to wrap up in a warm fuzzy blanket and cuddle with one of us. I hope that lasts for a long time. Not forever though, because that would be weird if a 30-year old man wanted to cuddle with his senior citizen mom. ew.

In other news - I'm REALLY trying hard to not lose my temper about the small things. really hard. It takes me everything I have to not scream at the top of my lungs about the most inconsequential things. For example, Little Joe being lazy when he is practicing piano.
Oh. Dear. God.

It's like the end of the world for me, and I realize that it really isn't...but it takes every bone in my body to stay calm. He is being a bit lazy, and he plays the "Everyone else can play piano except me" card, or the "it's not fair that I don't know how to play piano" card. uh...whatever, kid. I had to practice, just like everyone else in the world. He just gets so frustrated, and then gives up and gets mad.
OK, I admit though - we are both stubborn Tauruses, and we both have tempers...so I guess this might just be a thing for the rest of our existence...but c'mon...argh!


Mae said...

oh my gosh, i love red skins!! :]

lol you're not alone on the temper front trust me haha

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I can totally relate to this blog. Not the part about the garden...Hopefully soon though. The rest of it though. Ha. The patience, or lack of and the son thinking everything just comes to everyone else naturally. Ha. Oh, I love not feeling alone in this stuff...: )