Carmina Burana and Blue Lake

Last week, I took Little Joe to a concert. It wasn't just ANY concert, it was a performance of Carmina Burana, performed by the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp International Choir and Orchestras. Not many of you may know, but I went to Blue Lake for many years growing up. Many years. I played French Horn and went there every summer for 5 years straight. I even spent a whole month there one year. Good times. I also toured International with an SATB choir that gave me so many amazing memories.

And you know how I love to show Little Joe all different kinds of things...different experiences, etc. And, we all know he likes big, loud, brassy, classical music....So, I figured that this was a GREAT opportunity to introduce him to one of my favorite pieces. (Plus it was free!)

The kids (and I do mean KIDS) performing were amazing. Nobody on stage (except the conductor) was over 18. Wow. Check out the link...


Little Joe LOVED it! He was wiggling in his seat, and his eyes were RIVETED for the whole performance. It was so fulfilling for me, and for him. Sigh. :)

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