you all know how much I am obsessed with the Michigan Central Tration Depot in Detroit...right? Check this out. Make sure your sound is on. And grab your kleenex.


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ypsibob said...

Ironically there was a post about the station from the Lower Penninsula bulletin board of MichiganRailroads.com. Opinions in this quote are those of the original poster:

"MCRR Depot is involved in the dysfunctional relationship between Detroit and the owner of the Ambassador Bridge, Manny Maroun(?) [correct spelling is Manuel 'Matty' Moroun -- Bob]. He owns it, he wants to build another bridge next to the existing one but various government agencies are trying to spend tax dollars on one instead.

"In any event the Depot is not directly involved but is to the extent the sides are going at one another and doing every thing they can to pee one another off. I think the Depot is just another pawn in the chess game."
Sad, sad, sad. I have explored the railroads of downriver Detroit, but the neighborhood is so run down I don't want to stop to look around, even if the station weren't surrounded with cyclone fence...