Mood: anxious
Music: Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation

So much going on. Turns out I have Strep A. Not Mono. (which is a good thing in my book). So, I'm on antibiotics. However, I learned a few things:
  1. Do not take 2 Advil PM and a dose of Theraflu together. (Even if the doctor tells you to!). I went to sleep at 3PM, and didn't wake up until 8AM the next morning. I don't remember anything. I'm glad my husband is so awesome.
  2. Don't try to do everything, especially when you know you are sick.
  3. When your co-workers quietly put a bottle of antibacterial handwash on the light table, understand that they love you, but want you to leave.
Above all the sickiness...Little Joe has remained wonderful, as always. He wanted to wear his "new" jacket the other day. This jacket is an Old Navy courdoroy jacket with the white fluffy stuff for lining. I got it for $9.50 at Once Upon a Child. I love that store. I also taught Joe the word "vintage". It sounds so much cooler. :) And his wardrobe rocks for first grade...and it didn't kill the pocketbook!

In other fun times - I am having tomatoes every night for dinner, and I made salmon with a tomato salad on the side last night. Firstly, I LOVED the tomato salad. Secondly, I realized I don't like salmon. I LOVE smoked salmon, and/or cured salmon, but I REALLY DON'T LIKE salmon, grilled, broiled, sauted, whatever. Ew. gross.

And...the piece de resistance...check out the crab boat that Little Joe built last night. Oh yes. From scratch. Obviously, he watched Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel...(great show, btw). and he loves this show...so much that he decided to recreate one of the crab boats...he said it was the Northwestern. He is going to be an engineer...I just know it.


Heather said...

1. ICK on being sick - get better soon!
2. Your food looked great even if you didn't like it :)
3. HOW AWESOME is that boat Little Joe built??!! Amazing...that kid is DEFINITELY going to be an engineer - so awesome!

David in NM said...

Oh yeah, definitely an engineer in the making. Grandpa Richard is packing the engineering books now...