Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

So, the Saturday after we returned from vacation...I was feeling all crappy still...but I didn't want to sit in the house...and I remembered that the Ypsilanti Community Choir was singing at the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival sometime on Saturday afternoon. So, I did what any sick person would do...I packed up my kid and drove 35 minutes to a community festival in the town where they grew up to see a concert for a choir that her mom used to direct, see some familiar faces, spend money on carnival things, check out the steam engine thingies (I got a bag of freshly made cornmeal for free!), check out the old Ypsilanti Train Depot and go to dinner at a favorite local restaurant with a family friend.

Oh yeah. I was even sicker when I returned, but I am SO glad we went.

There was a robotics group from the local high school. Joseph noticed that they looked like high school kids, and asked if he could build robots when he went to high school.


The old Train Station...not in use, obviously. Amtrak goes right by here. For those of you familiar with Ypsi, Sidetrack is kitty-corner from the station. But you would know that if you were familiar with Ypsi.
Here is Joe, explaining to our family friend, Bob, about how trains work. I'm pretty sure Bob knows, as he was the one telling us most of the information in the first place. Nonetheless - I liked the pic.
I just love the doors on the freight house building. The colors are amazing...this pic doesn't do it any justice. It is such an amazing piece of history. They are in the process of preserving/ restoring/re-purposing the building.

If you are in the area...check it out. Even the history of Ypsilanti itself is pretty amazing. If we didn't have to live closer to Troy, I would LOVE to live in Ypsi.

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hcamel24 said...

Yay! You take the neatest pictures of things and make them way cooler than if you just see them. How many times have I been to the old freighthouse but never looked at it like you do. I love it, I just never noticed the colors etc that you point out. I hope they are successful in restoring it. Granny and I used tow walk down there every Wednesday in the summers for the Farmers Market at the time and it was cool even 20 odd years ago :)