Labor Day Ramblings

Little Joe and I went to GFV on Saturday morning. We had intended on going to see the Christmas Carol Train. New Disney movie with Jim Carrey...Yeah - the line was crazy-ridiculous long. So, we just hung out. We ended up running into B, one of my "sisters"...and got to hang out with her family. Little Joe LOVES little kids...and I mean LOVES little kids. Especially little boys. I think he wants to be a Big Brother...we've reiterated to him time and again that he will be be ever ever getting any siblings...but he can have all the surrogates that he wants. I'm glad B and K have kids that he can be the older brother for. :) anyways - Little Joe was such a good big brother to B's son...it made me kind of wish that we would have had another munchkin. But then I slapped myself and came back to reality. :)

After GFV, we ran errands, then came home. we spent alot of time cleaning, doing laundry, watching movies. Good times.

But then...dinner. I had no clue what to make. Big Joe ended up staying up north to hang out with a friend...so I had free rein in the kitchen...what was I going to make...Hmmm... I checked out the freezer and found some chix thighs that I bought last week on special. I thought of the tomatoes sitting in the garden window....and I made the best darn Chicken Cacciatore EVER! (why did nobody tell me how unbelievably EASY this dish is?) I made is with Chardonnay, instead of red wine, because that is what I had. Dear. God. This dish was GOOD!! And, btw...it's GLUTEN FREE!!! Even better in my book! I don't think Big Joe would eat it...but, it's in my recipe book now!

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Mae said...

why wouldn't he eat it?! that sounds goooood :D