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Hee. It’s one of those days. It’s Friday. I like Fridays, except when it’s a 3-day weekend coming up, and that means that I have even less time next time to get work stuff done. I know this is a SICK way of thinking, but it’s true.

Got my horoscope today:
Old friends might brighten your day and help you remember why they became friends in the first place. Value these relationships.
I like that. I wonder who those "old friends" might be. Hmm...who knows. I know horoscopes can't exactly tell the future, but they make you think about the future....and that in itself can be a positive thing. And you have to do that, you know. Look for the positive. It might be REALLY hard to find...but there has to be something. For example - this morning, it was dark when we left the house. Very dark. and as I driving, I saw the moon. The Full Moon. and I smiled. I mean, how often do you get to see the moon in the morning, and you know I looked to see if I could see the Man in the Moon. (I couldn't make out the outline, I was also trying to drive at the same time). Maybe the Moon is my old friend today...yeah, I'm hoping for something more exciting than that.

Little Joe and I had to leave the house early this morning...he was still sleeping when I put him in the car for our long drive up to Bloomfield. And this is what he looked like...how unbelievably cute is he?!?!?

School starts for the boy on Tuesday. He'll be in first grade. Holy Crow. We find out who his teacher is today...they post the list in the window of the school. So, I promised him that we would walk up to the school today after we got home, so he could see who his teacher was. He is hoping for Ms. Stone. (I think it is because he can't remember the other 1st grade teacher's name!) His school doesn't send postcards, like Lincoln did when were there. I loved those postcards. It was like the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF PAPER EVER!! Or, at least, that hot, humid day in August every year, it was.

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