school, sleepover, hunting and cleaning

Ugh.  School is kicking my rear end..  I have a chemistry midterm next Thursday.  I'm already a little nervous about it.  There is so much that I don't understand in this class.  The prof moved our presentations back a week - so now the last class is on December 10th.  Which means I have even longer to spend in this class!  darnit.  But, nonetheless...I'LL BE DONE!!!!!!
Speaking of - we will be having a graduation/celebration party in early summer next year.  Pig Roast, Bounce House, keg, tent in the back yard - the whole nine yards.  Wanna come?  You're invited!!
Joseph had another sleepover at our house this past weekend.  I'm getting my tubes tied.  I simply cannot handle another child.  There were 2 six-year-old boys at our house.  We set up the aerobed in the middle of the living room, and had a great sleepover...the boys were up pretty late.  And they were both up early the next day, much to my dismay.  They were nice in the morning, and decided to watch a movie, which was quiet, at least until I had my coffee.  Joseph decided that he didn't mind sharing his toys, as long as nothing was broken.   But, of course, he asked to have another sleepover soon!!
The hunter hasn't had the best of luck lately...bow season isn't cooperating.  Well, I should say the deer aren't cooperating!  He's been heading up north every weekend, even in the yucky cold rain...but no luck yet.  I keep hoping that I get that phone call from him..."Got One!!"...but nope. 
Joe and I have decided that our house is full of too much stuff.  WAY too much stuff.  Stuff that we don't use.  Stuff that we don't need.  Stuff that has been in boxes since we moved in, and have never taken out of the box.  Oh yes.  We have too much stuff.
So, last night, he and I walked around the house, pointing out things that we could get rid of.  Either putting it at the curb, or posting something on Craigslist.  Most of the stuff was in the basement...out of sight, out of mind.  Right??  Anyways - I'm very excited about what we have store for us.  This is a HUGE step towards a clutter-free house!!!  I'll probably show pictures in the future, I'm envisioning huge bags of trash and clutter sitting out at the curb.  Want anything?  Need anything?  Just let me know what you might need...I probably have it. 

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