Things are hectic, but I'm OK

Things have been so busy here this past week. So many things going on...here's a quick list:

I had my 15-year Class Reunion (Go Railsplitters!!) this past weekend. 3 days of fun, seeing old friends, rekindling friendships, sharing stories and having way too much fun. It started Friday, at Frenchie's in Depot Town. (Next to Sidetrack). I didn't get home until the next morning. Then, there was a dinner/dance on Saturday night - and we stayed out until almost midnight. (pictures to follow). Then, on Sunday - there was a family picnic at Jyro (AKA Ford Lake Park). I had such a wonderful time. It was amazing to pick up with friends as if there hadn't been a 15-year gap. Good people.

Yeah. School.

I made a list.

You know me and my lists...

I have a list of documents that I need to get to the University.
I made a list of final papers, due dates and when I should have them done by.
I made a list of pending homework, and I prioritized it.

Holy Crow, I am so organized. Now I just need to do it all. I've got to figure out a way to study more - because I'm just NOT. I absolutely LOVE my class in A2. It is great - and completely right up my alley. However, the class in Dearborn (geochem) is kicking my butt. Does anyone know a geochem tutor? I'm not joking. Honestly though - I need to be so much more diligent about studying. It seems that there is always something else to do, instead of study. I would rather clean the house...fold whites...work in the garden....play with Joseph...sleep...watch useless TV...etc. than study.

Aside from being a goofy 6-year old...Joseph is doing fantastic. He is everything I could ever ask for in a little boy. I wish he would read a little more though. He and I have started reading at night again. It's tough to do though...because he stalls, and wants to watch TV with us...and then things just don't ever work out. We don't really have a good schedule in the evenings - because every evening is different right now. Oh well - we'll figure it out. I have tons of pictures of him that I need to put up on here so you all can see him...he is certainly growing up fast. I can't believe it.

Otherwise - I wanted to tell you all that I'm alive. and I'm OK. like I told you, I'm a phoenix...and I plan on kicking butt and taking names. I won't lie down and take crap from anyone...so...I'll be looking forward to a new opportunity - wherever and whenever that opportunity presents itself. Now, keep in mind - I'm going after that opportunity - I ain't waiting around.

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Heather said...

I hope all is ok Jen! XOXO