Back to Reality

This past week has been a daze for me...too much going on, emotions running high, stress through the roof, and being a hunting widow/single parent for the week.

(there are general for the past week, not specific to yesterday, I'll do a specific list for yesterday later)

Positive#1: my future career plans. I won't go into detail...but just know that it is positive.
Positive#2: Little Joe has been reading a whole lot more...even though I have to push him a bit, he's getting so much better.
Negative#1: I missed Joe like crazy last week, and didn't sleep for crap because of it.
Negative#2: I didn't make it to A2 to but my cap gown and tassel, and now they can't guarantee that everything will be available. (I need to make some time to get there ASAP!!!!)

Joe had a bountiful week up north hunting...He got 2 deer, a buck on Opening Day, and a doe later in the week. (YEAH!!!) I'm very very very happy about this! Meat to fill the freezer! Venison is so good - no crazy hormones pumped into it, and you know exactly where the meat is from. AND, it is very lean - so it is MUCH healthier for you. Love it!

We went to Little Joe's parent-teacher conference on Thursday - he got a very good report card...mostly 2's and a few 3's. She doesn't give out 1's unless they are REALLY overachieving. She said lots of good things about him, and that he is doing very well. she did say that he tends to not pay attention though...so we will have to work on that a little bit. but, over all, a good report.

Lots more stuff that I really can't talk about on here, too public. Just know that EVERYTHING went well...and my future looks VERY bright. call me or email me if you want the details. and thank you ALL for for your love and support. This past week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and I made it through with no scrapes, only a smile.


mlle noelle said...

I'm with you on the venison. Hoping my dad will share some of his bounty this year, he usually gets a few deer. When I was a kid my mom used to have to sneak it into our food, but now I like it. :)

Mae said...

mmm venison IS good! :D yumm