Looking towards Turkey Day

Positive#1: Turkey Day is in 3 days. 'nuff said.
Positive#2: I found a recipe to make for dinner on Saturday night for my "sisters". Yeah!!
Negative#1: I was a little but lazy this weekend...I felt sluggish and didn't want to do anything. and now I feel guilty about it.
Negative#2: I'm thinking about cancelling Little Joe's piano lessons. He is good, but he doesn't want to put forth the effort to practice. and I don't want to force him.

I'm looking forward to this weekend...friends will be home, family will be around, lots of football, food and fun. There are some longstanding traditions that we will pay homage to...and of course, there will be pictures. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No decorations, no cards, no parties - just a big festive stuff-your-face day. My kind of day.

Thanksgiving is also when you can start drinking eggnog. I have a personal rule about this....Eggnog cannot be consumed before Thanksgiving, and after New Year's Day. Copious amount of spiced rum are not required to be mixed in, but highly suggested. Served warm with a little bit of nutmeg on the top. Perfection in a festive mug.

Work will be good this week - lots to do, hopefully some good grant stuff, the GLRI comes out, and this might mean lots of good stuff for the region. Yeah!

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