Good things happening...

Positive#1: I have realized that I have a lot of really amazing friends.
Positive#2: Little Joe started reading another book last night..."I Am the Turkey".
Negative#1: I don't have a very good feeling about work right now. Kind of like a pending doom...
Negative#2: I didn't run the dishwasher, which means I have to do it tonight. Not a big bad thing, but another nod to my inability to do things that I know need to be done. (i.e. PROCRASTINATION!!!)

It's getting tough to think of positives and negatives for the previous day. Not because there aren't enough moments to choose from...I guess I'm still in that funk...which is affecting me. Whatever.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I have lots of things going on:
1. tomorrow morning, my best friend and I are planning on going to the gym for a pre-turkey spinning class. Yes, she's the only other person crazy like me to get up this early and do this. but, then I don't feel quite so guilty about eating Thanksgiving dinner!
2. Thanksgiving dinner. YEAH!!!
3. Black Friday shopping. Yup - I'm one of those crazy people who get up at 1 AM to get in line at the stores to get some crazy good deal. Thing is, this year, there isn't really too much that I need/want. There are some small things that I'd like to get for the boys for Xmas, but not necessary. It's more about the tradition that Denise started with me. And I have chosen to continue it.
4. On Saturday evening, my 3 "sisters" are coming over for dinner. Yeah!

Other than those things, I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, interspersed with homework and reading science journals. Joy.

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