How Sewers Work...according to a 6-year old.

Only my child...would draw a profile of the sewer system.
Only my child...would understand sewers
Only my child...would be interested in sewers
Only my child...would draw a stick figure of his mother, IN THE SEWER.

Apparently, he is telling his friends that "My mom works on the sewers".

Uh...we need to have a little discussion about what Mommy does for a living....

Do you see me in the drawing? Can you see the smile on my face?
T-minus 9 hours until my chem exam. I tried to study a little last night, but my brain wasn't having it. I gave up. I wonder if she'll give extra credit? Maybe she'll give a makeup exam.


Mae said...

lmfao that is SO funny that just made my day hahaha

good luck on ur chem test i'm sure you'll pass with flying colors! :D

OlsztynBudry Family said...

I love it! Great minds think alike. Anna can explain the path of water when it leaves your toilet or bath tub, goes to a small pipe under the house, then a bigger pipe in the road and all the way to the detroit waste water treatment plant where it is cleaned and put back into the "riber". She educates me at every bath time.