Sleeping by the Fire, and boating in Ford Lake

Oh boy. I have about a million pictures to upload, lots to share, because I have been busy. So...here goes:

How immensely cute is this? When Dad is hunting, Little Joe and I like to sleep on the couches...something different, something fun. Well, I had a nice roaring fire going, so Little Joe decided to drag ALL of the pillows and blankets from our beds out into the middle of the living room floor, and make a nest for himself. And there he slept. All night.

Check out the captain...navigating his R/C motorboat around Ford Lake...at Jyro Park. I tried to tell him that I used to play at that park when I was a little girl. I don't think he believed me...Goofy kid.

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The Bonfiglio Family said...

Good photos! I love the ones by the water.