Christmas Tree!!!!

We decided to get our tree this year on a weekend that was nice and warm, and when Big Joe would be home...(it IS hunting season, you know!!) So...we went to get the tree early in December.

We drove to a U-cut place on Willow Road, owned by some friends of the MIL. They grow Douglas Firs...which are PERFECT for hanging ornaments - they are soft. (Friendly Firs!!)

Little Joe...standing in front of the still standing tree. Yes, it was entirely too tall to fit in our house, but it had such great shape...

Little Joe helped me with the ornaments...and hung most of them on ONE BRANCH. I had to explain to him the theory of BALANCE...and why you can't hang all of your favorite ornaments on the same branch.

We also had a bit of a mishap this year...I had a big "cleaning/donation" session this Fall, and gave a TON of boxes to Purple Heart. Including:

The. Tree. Lights.

Yup...I gave away all of the tree lights that we had...stupid me. So, I have been slowly replacing them. I borrowed some from our neighbors, only to find out that they were still using those big outdoor lights that get ridiculously hot when plugged in. My wonderful husband suggested that I not use those, as he didn't want the house burned down. Nice.

And the finished product...


Eczema Mom said...

Great tree! Sorry,but I can't help notice the buck head on your living room wall. You are a good woman!

Heather said...

1. LOVE the tree.
2. You came all the way to the Willow Road U-Cut tree place and didn't see me? I seriously live about 10 houses down LOL