First Day.

Today is my first day in almost 13 years that I have stayed home for no reason. (Well, the reason is that I got laid off...) but, I'm not sick, I'm not on vacation, I don't have anywhere to go, anything major to do, Little Joe isn't sick...this SUCKS.

What have I accomplished today?

Took Little Joe to school.
Spoke with his teacher.
Changed his Latchkey schedule.
Spoke to the principal.
Drove home.
washed some blankets.
caught up on old work emails.
emailed some friends.
went through and tossed some old clothes out of the closet.
went through a chest and sorted out material and doilies.
salted the front porch.
entered the publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes.
made a to-do list for the week.
made lunch (gluten-free pasta!!)
worked on some presentation slides for lecture.
put away some xmas decorations.
started repairing a quilt that my grandma gave me many years ago.

notice...I didn't say SHOWER.

The TV hasn't been on, I've been listening to music, which is somewhat motivating. But, now that I just finished my lunch - I am SO ready for a nap, which is rather pathetic.

I still have to:
go get Joe from school.
clean the shelves in the old fridge.
write some letters.
figure out what to make for dinner. (Any ideas?)
make said dinner.

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