We started off the festivities at Grandma Khris' house with my niece, Ashlyn. Opened gifts, etc...

Here is Little Joe opening his gift from Grandma, the Harry Potter Lionel Train!! Whoo Whoo!!

And Christmas Eve continued over at Aunt Sara's house...where Little Joe met up with some more cousins...

And then subsequently pouted, because he didn't get many presents.

ALL the cousins...(except for those that weren't in attendance...)
And then on Christmas morning...we only got a few photos...as Mom was a little overwhelmed with stuff on her lap and the couch...but...One of Little Joe's FAVORITE presents from Uncle Steve (of the Minnesota Bubbs): An AIRHOG!!!

And here is that blackmail photo for his future girlfriend...I swear. This kid NEVER wears pants. Ever. In public, he will...but around the house...nope. Just his little skivvies!!!

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Dana Calhoun said...

I loved your comment about Joseph in his underwear. Jonah loves being sans pants too. If I didn't know better, I would swear that those two were brothers. Both love Sci Fi (although Jonah loves Star Wars more than Star Trek right now), both love being naked.